Tony Mase


Balancing Your Life in 4 Easy Steps

26th June 2015
It's easy to get overwhelmed and fatigued from time to time. After all, the stresses of daily life can quickly spiral out of control and, suddenly, you feel like you've got demands tugging at you from every which way! Want some balance in your life? ... Read >

How Do You Boost Your Kids' Self-Esteem?

26th June 2015
Unfortunately, lots of kids and teenagers fall victim to low self-esteem. But did you know YOU play a huge role in how they view themselves? Even though they don't like to admit it, most of the opinions kids have about themselves comes from what their par... Read >

Get Up and Take Action - Tips on How You Can Become a Doer

17th June 2015
Some people are born doers. Others think about doing something but, at the end of the day, never actually get anything done. So, how can you go from being a "thinker" to being a "doer"? First, you've got to adopt the right mindset. People who jump ... Read >

Making Confident Decisions - It's the Only Way to Truly Succeed at Life

13th August 2012
You have a very special gift - the ability to make decisions for yourself. Whether they're big or small, the decisions you make can make your life better or they can make your life worse. If you want to take charge of your life, you have to start by ma... Read >

Mind Power Techniques - 3 Subconscious Mind Power Techniques That Don't Work

15th June 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 Tony Mase If you've ever read a self improvement book, listened to a self improvement program, attended a self improvement seminar, or visited a self improvement website, odds are you've run into one of more subconscious mind power t... Read >